7 Ways to Hide Security Cameras (Indoors and Outdoors)

In this article, we discover ways to hide security cameras indoors and outdoors. Also, the reasons why you should do the same for your property.

Whether it is a residential property or a commercial one, ensuring security is the property owner’s top priority. Hiring a security guard or a watchman is great, but it doesn’t suffice. There are some hidden areas on your property that are prone to criminal activity, and therefore must be monitored regularly.

This is where a security camera can be a game-changer.

The only problem is that you can’t afford to install these cameras out in the open, where they can be approached and disabled by trouble makers. Therefore, they must be hidden away so that they are out of sight.

There are many reasons as to why you should hide a security camera. As we mentioned, first of all, a hidden security camera is least likely to be disabled by burglars. Secondly, hidden wireless cameras keep the aesthetics of your property intact. Lastly, they help you figure out whether or not there is something suspicious happening on your property.

Contrary to popular belief, not every security camera is hidden and some of them are placed in plain sight. Such cameras are used to deter criminal activities. The real spy cameras are supposed to be hidden away, even in broad daylight.

Hide Security Cameras

Ways to Hide Security Camera – Indoors And Outdoors

Use a Mini Security Camera

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One of the best ways to hide your security camera is by getting a small spy security camera to begin with.

The camera that you buy should be wireless. Wireless cameras are easy to install and they aren’t easily spotted. They are incredibly light and handy, and moving them around isn’t a difficult thing to do.

It is totally up to you whether you want to place them in the yard, the garage, or behind the windows.

When hiding this camera, make sure you hide it in a way that it doesn’t fail to take clear pictures. No matter how well you hide the camera, it is fruitless if the camera fails to spot something suspicious on your property.

We recommend the Blink Mini for indoors, a compact indoor plug-in smart security camera by Amazon. It works with Alexa as well.

For outdoors, the Ring Stick Up Cam is ideal because it is low-priced and wire-free.


Hide Them Under Ceilings, Soffits, and Eaves

security camera hidden under ceiling

Security cameras automatically become invisible if you place them under the eave as they are small in size and the color of their bodies is generally white. Therefore, unless someone searches for them, they are hard to find.

As discussed above, make sure that the camera you opt for is small in size. One of the best ways to hide cameras outdoors is to install it on a weekday.

On weekdays, most people are busy with their own thing, and no one has the time to pay attention to what you are doing. If you are hiding a security camera on the weekend, it can easily be spotted.


Hide Them in the Birdhouse

A birdhouse is an excellent hiding place for installing a security camera. The birdhouse is an enclosed structure with a small hole that allows your camera to see the outside world, without being visible to passersby.

If your house is robbed or vandalized, a security camera inside the birdhouse can continue to tape what’s happening and help the police catch the perpetrators.

Make sure the birdhouse is placed as naturally as possible to prevent any suspicion. Secondly, make sure all obstructions are removed so that the security camera can capture clear footage.


Hide Them Near Bushes and Trees

Security Camera Hidden Behind Plants

Have you ever seen how military officers disguise themselves when hiding in enemy territory? They tend to cover themselves up with leaves and tree branches. You can do the same with your security camera.

However, sometimes the bushes, branches, and leaves aren’t enough. Therefore, it is better to paint the camera green, so it blends perfectly with the surroundings. But note that painting a camera can affect its warranty.

If you can manage to camouflage the camera, the likelihood of criminal activities on your property will reduce.

If you are having a hard time hiding the camera, it is better to go for a wireless one. With no wires, hiding the camera will be much easier.


Place the Camera Behind a Glass Window

Security Camera Behind Glass Window

This is another easy way to hide security cameras indoors.

Cameras that are hidden behind glass windows always remain safe. This is because they cannot be seen by burglars and even if they are seen, it will take some time before they can approach and disable them.

By the time they reach a camera, they will be captured on video and the footage will be sent to the concerned personnel.

However, bear in mind that despite the advantages of placing a camera behind a glass window, there are some drawbacks to hiding the camera in this location.

For instance, installing the camera behind glass windows can compromise its night vision capabilities. Plus, the glass window can also reduce the efficiency of your camera’s motion detection feature.


Disguise Them Within Everyday Objects

Are you a DIY extraordinaire who wants to ensure security on their property using a security camera? If you answered yes to this question, then you can easily hide your security camera within the common objects in your house.

Some of the most common places to hide your security camera include bookshelves, smoke detectors, fake rocks, stuffed toys, desk plants, and fake hanging plants.

If you are using your household objects to hide the security camera, you might as well install more than one security camera in different places.

When using household items to hide your security camera, one camera will not suffice. You will need to monitor the area from different angles.


Use Camouflage Skins

Security Camera Camouflage Cover

Do you know that with some creativity you can hide the camera in plain sight? With a camouflage skin, the camera will stay in front of you, yet you won’t be able to find it.

The camouflage skin blends the camera with its surroundings. Furthermore, you don’t even have to place the camera strategically behind leaves and bushes or paint them green.

All you have to do is get hold of a wireless camera, dress it up with camouflage skin, and place it under the ceilings and eaves.


Related Questions

So far, we have discussed ways to hide security cameras indoors and outdoors. If you still have any concerns then here are some important frequently asked questions related to hiding security cameras that can help you out.


Where Should You Place the Hidden Camera in Your Home?

Research shows that more than 30% of the burglars find their way in through the front door. Around 23% of them come through the front window, while 22% use the back door and 9% use the garage. Therefore, it is in your best interest to place your security camera in those areas.


How Can You Hide the Wires of Your Security Cameras?

Hiding the wires of your security cameras can be very challenging, especially if the camera is placed outdoors. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to use a wireless camera. Installing a wireless camera will be easy, and it will also save you time.


Will A Security Camera Work Through A Window?

We have already discussed the benefits of hiding the security camera behind glass windows. When doing so, make sure the camera’s night vision and motion detection remain intact, especially when the sun goes down.

Therefore, you are advised to invest in software-based motion detection. Also, install the infrared illuminators for uninterrupted night vision.


How To Hide the DVR and NVR of the Camera?

If you can think out of the box, you will find several sneaky places to hide the DVR and NVR of your security camera.

Some of the most common places where you can hide the DVR and NVR include the attic, the bookshelves, the closet, and the crawlspace. If need be, you can even invest in a separate locker for the DVR and the NVR.

Luckily, most of the DVRs and NVRs in the marketplace are waterproof, and they can sustain themselves, even if it is raining. So you don’t have to worry about placing them outdoors.


Is It Legal or Illegal to Hide Security Cameras?

It is not illegal to hide your security cameras if it is done for the purpose of security. However, refrain from installing cameras in areas that require some privacy, such as the bathroom, as well as the dresser.



By now you know all the ways to hide security cameras indoors and outdoors. Remember, when it comes to hiding security cameras, you don’t need to limit yourself to the hiding places discussed above.

You can always think out of the box and come up with more creative ways to hide your camera.

Wherever you choose to hide the camera, remember to place it in a way that it remains unnoticed but captures everything that is happening on your property.

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