7 Ways To Blind A Neighbor’s Security Camera

Although there are many ways to blind a neighbor’s security camera, there are only a few legal and effective ways of doing it. First, we will cover effective and practical ways to blind your neighbor’s security camera, and then we’ll cover how you shouldn’t blind your neighbor’s security camera and why.

You can blind your neighbor’s security camera by attaching fence or wall extensions to your existing fence or wall. You can use privacy film on your windows for the day and a bright light facing towards their camera at night. You can also plant trees or bushes on the perimeter of your property.

Blind Neighbor’s Security Camera

Let’s have a look at these and more methods in detail and go through some ways that aren’t recommended and why.

Recommended Ways To Blind Neighbor’s Security Camera

Ask Your Neighbor To Redirect Their Camera

In some cases, your neighbor’s camera may just look like it’s pointing into your property when it’s not. It’s best that you speak to them in a friendly manner to convey your concern for family privacy.

Let them know that it looks like their security camera is pointed towards your property and why you would not like it to be like that, the only reason you need to give them is that you would like to retain your privacy in your own home as you can’t enjoy that pleasure anywhere else.

In some cases, your neighbor might invite you inside their home to show you how the camera view looks, and you might be surprised to see that it isn’t monitoring your yard or house as much as you thought it might be.

If having a conversation with your neighbor doesn’t result in any resolution, you should read further for other solutions.


Blocking Your Neighbor’s Security Camera View With Objects

If you’ve spoken to your neighbor with no success in resolving the issue, you can obstruct the security camera’s view by extending your walls in height with basic techniques like attaching a stick fence to your walls or even plastic sheeting.

You can also blind your neighbor’s security camera by planting trees along the perimeter of your property. The bigger the trees get over time, the better your privacy will become. For this method to become immediately effective, you’ll have to buy partially grown trees to start with.

If there’s any reason that you can’t extend your perimeter walling or fencing in this way, you might need to follow the third viable option to blind your neighbor’s camera.


Blind The Camera By Installing Film On Your Windows

Privacy Window Film

For daytime privacy during the hours when you want your blinds or curtains to be open, privacy film like this on Amazon is very useful.

When it’s dark outside, and your lights are on inside, people or security cameras will be able to see through this film, but at those times, you should have your blinds or curtains closed for privacy.

If for some reason, you don’t want to use blinds or curtains during the night, you can get a powerful light and use it as per the instructions below to blind the neighbor’s security camera during the night.


Install A Powerful Light Facing Towards The Camera Lens

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This technique can be useful in blinding your neighbor’s camera without damaging it.

If you set up a powerful light like this one on Amazon in your property and face it straight to that security camera, it will blind the camera during the night.

It just won’t be beneficial during the day, but if you have the privacy film listed above for the day time privacy and the light at night for night time privacy, you should be ok.


Confuse The Security Camera

This trick won’t blind the neighbor’s security camera, but it will confuse most motion detection cameras on the market.

In order to prevent your neighbor from using motion detection to monitor you and your family’s movements, set up moving objects in or around your yard like flags or windmills that move whenever there’s wind.

This will cause the owner of the security camera to turn off any motion detection so they can’t monitor your every movement.


Consult With Your Local Police

If the solutions above don’t work out for you, visit your local police station and report your privacy concern to them. They’ll advise you on how things will proceed in a law-abiding fashion.

Different states have different laws regarding your neighbor’s security camera. In states where it is illegal to record your neighbor’s property, the police will be of great assistance to you.


Consult With A Lawyer

If you don’t come right with the police and feel that something should be done regarding the invasion of privacy due to the security camera, ask a lawyer what type of legal case you have in this instance.


Ways That You Shouldn’t Use To Blind Your Neighbor’s Security Camera

Using A Laser To Blind The Security Camera

The reason why this method of blinding the neighbor’s security camera is not going to help you, in the long run, is because if you manage to damage the camera, the neighbor will just have it replaced, and they’ll have a case against you for damaging their property.

They will be able to see where the laser came from at the time the damage was caused. You’re just going to start a tit-for-tat war with your neighbor.


Using A Strong LED Torch To Blind The Security Camera

It’s useless to use a handheld torch to blind the neighbor’s security camera because it will only blind the camera for as long as you’re standing there, shinning it into the camera.

It won’t solve the problem of the camera being permanently pointed inside your property and won’t work during the day.


Smearing Things Onto The Security Camera’s Lens

I’ve seen popular articles suggesting that you should smear things like jelly or peanut butter onto the neighbor’s security camera lens to blind it.

I don’t know how this is good advice, as this will cause you to trespass and cause damage to your neighbor’s property.

Under no circumstances can I say that smearing anything on your neighbor’s security camera is a good way to blind it. It’s unlawful, and you will find yourself at the wrong end of a criminal case.


Cutting Security Camera Wires

This is another irresponsible technique that is taught in popular articles. This is so obviously a criminal offense and will get you into big trouble when your neighbor shows the police the footage that you didn’t know he recorded with another camera.

You don’t want to start a war with your neighbor, instead, follow the other viable techniques further above.


Using A Signal Jammer

This is going to take a lot of time, effort, and money from your side.

You’ll need to know precisely which type of wireless security camera system your neighbor has to know exactly which frequency you will need to jam.

Then you’ll need to go out and buy the suitable signal jammer capable of jamming those specific signals. You’ll then need to spend time making sure your signal jammer is always operational to jam their signal.

While all of this is already a big hassle for you and consumes your time and money, you may be jamming other people’s signals in the area, and you might even assist a criminal in getting away with their crimes because of you jamming other peoples cameras.

If you’re caught using signal jammers in this way, you’ll also face criminal charges, and things aren’t going to end up well for you.


Conclusion: How to Block A Neighbor’s Security Camera

It’s essential not to do anything to your neighbor’s cameras that may get you into trouble. Even though you feel that they have invaded your privacy, you should always try to handle the situation in the best way possible.

I highly recommend going through this article in the steps that it’s laid out in so that you can resolve the situation in the best way possible. As long as you do not resort to the techniques above that are not recommended, you should be ok.

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