Top 7 Locks for Shipping Containers 2022

Shipping containers are irreplaceable when it comes to storing furniture and other items during a renovation or when moving cross-country.

But storing them is just part of the problem. You also want to make sure nobody can get to them except you. The thing is that a storing container can be an easy target for thieves as they are confident that most likely than not, inside they will find something of value.

So for anyone who doesn’t want to lose their possessions, choosing a good lock for their shipping container is an important task. This is why below, I have gone through the best locks for shipping containers.

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Top 7 Locks for Shipping Containers

Best Lock For Shipping Container

PACLOCK’s TL82A Shipping Container Lock

PACLOCK's TL82A Storage Container Lock

This little fellow has been designed for securing shipping containers. It is used on the swinging handle hasps and fits perfectly.

The built quality is solid, and the shackle is completely hidden, which prevents the use of bolt cutters to cut the shackle.

What you will also find is a 6-pin cylinder, which comes with special security pins inside. Security spool pins add an additional level of protection, which makes this lock a lot harder to pick or drill.

In addition, the whole body of the lock is machined from a whole solid piece of 6061 aluminum, which can fare exceptionally well even against a torch.

Overall this is a high-quality lock well worth the investment.


Bulldog CT330 Storage Container Lock

Bulldog CT330 Storage Container Lock

This lock impresses with its stout built quality.

It is designed to be pick and drill-resistant.

This lock is easy to attach and remove. In fact, you do not even need a key to fit and fully secure this lock on to the shipping container. When the lock is placed, it locks the doors together.

The lock is fully adjustable, and you can easily move the lock from one container on to another.

There is barely anything to say besides that it is a tough lock that will give anyone a tough time getting into your container. The price is a little high but well worth it.


ABUS 92/80 Monoblock Padlock

These C-shaped padlocks fit inside the lockbox, which you will find on the doors of some containers.

All you have to do is place the padlock inside and push the bolt through the loop inside.

Of course, you will have to do some measuring to ensure that the shackle is not too thick.

In addition to that, the placement of the key cylinder is also important. On some locks, it may be on the opposite side and thus be unreachable.

The ABUS 92/80 is easily one of the best locks for storage containers.

It is a solid lock that will keep your storage container fully secured. The solid brass body which is encased by a steel cover makes this little fellow a mean-looking lock that will keep anyone out.

The 8-pin key cylinder will provide excellent protection against anyone who may try to pick it.


Henry Squire WS75S Stronghold Container Lock

Henry Squire WS75S Stronghold Container Lock

This is one of the best value container locks that you can get.

It is an excellent, robust, and durable lock.

The straight shackle is made from hardened boron alloy steel, and the body of the lock is made entirely from hardened steel.

This makes this lock perfectly capable of withstanding corrosion and will not have any problems regardless of what the weather is like in your area.

The 6-pin key cylinder ensures great protection against picking.

It is super easy to place and remove.

Overall a great C-shaped lock that is as stout as they come and believe it or not it comes at a very fair price, too.


ABUS 215/100 Granit ConHasp with High-Security Shipping Container Lock

ABUS 215/100 Granit ConHasp with High-Security Shipping Container Lock

This is a complete storage container lock kit that comes with everything you need to fully secure your shipping container—a lockbox and a padlock.

The lockbox is the perfect solution for securing shipping containers that do not already have a lockbox on them. It can be installed on both new and old storage containers.

The only thing is that it is not exactly easy to install as somebody will have to drill the needed holes on the storage container doors. However, once that is done, the lock is extremely safe and easy to use.

The body of the lockbox is made from very durable and heavy-duty steel.

The padlock that comes with this bundle is the ABUS GRANIT 37RK/70HB100, which is a high-quality padlock that is made from hardened alloy steel.


ABUS 37RK/70 Granit Padlock

ABUS 37RK/70 Granit Padlock

This lock comes with a removable shackle.

The hardened steel alloy body and shackle offer one of the best security grades (rated CEN grade 5, with 6 being the highest possible). All the components are corrosion resistant, making this lock suitable for all weather conditions.

The key cylinder is designed in such a way as to withstand both drilling and brute force pulling—it can withstand up to an 8-tonne pull.

This little fellow may not impress with size, but it does give the majority of other padlocks a run for their money. It is easy to place and remove and is perfectly suitable for the protection of a storage container.

It is a little pricier, but the price is well-justified.


American Lock A5300D Steel Padlock

American Lock A5300D Steel Padlock

This is another excellent choice of a padlock for protecting shipping containers.

What you will notice with this model is that the hardened boron alloy steel shackle is well protected by the extremely high shroud. The body is also made from hardened steel, which is super tough and durable. It is also corrosion-resistant, and it can be used in all weather conditions.

The 5-pin cylinder also adds another extra layer of security when it comes to picking.

Overall this is a very good padlock that offers acceptable levels of security.


What to Look for in a Lock for Shipping Containers

When somebody is trying to open your shipping container, they have four options. They will either try to cut through the padlock, drill through the lock, use brute force to pry it open or pick the lock.

Making sure you get the right lock, which can fare well against all these methods is vital. This does not mean that your shipping container will be impossible to get into—just that it will keep people out for as long as possible.


The Materials Used

For the best security, consider buying a steel padlock. Steel that has gone through hardening or case-hardening will provide the best protection.

There are some other materials used for padlocks like zinc, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, which are not as tough and are recommended only for securing less valuable belongings.

With that being said, stainless steel padlocks offer the best performance when it comes down to outside storage. The other types of padlocks are also able to withstand the elements but not as efficiently.

For the shackle, some of the best materials are again steel alloy or even carbide—plain hardened steel is not as tough.

The same applies to the pins—stainless steel or hardened pins will offer the best protection.


The Shackle

Look for a lock that uses steel balls between the shackle and the body of the padlock. This build ensures that the padlock will not be opened by force as easily, which is something that may happen with standard spring lock systems.

Shackle cover, or shoulder shroud, is recommended if it will fit your container.


The Size of the Lock

This is easy—the bigger the padlock, the better the protection it offers.

With all the being said, there are a few important considerations you need to make. Although most shipping containers may look the same at first glance, they can be very, very different.

This is important because not all locks may fit all containers. Make sure to take a close look at the fittings your container has.

Some containers will have a lockbox that offers an extra layer of defense against attacks. It is crucial to find out the dimensions of this lockbox, how deep it is, and whether there is a loop or a bar behind it.

By knowing these details, you will be able to make an educated guess what type of lock you need, the thickness of the shackle, what shackle clearance you need, and how big of a padlock you can fit beneath the lockbox once the doors are closed.

If you are waiting for the container to be delivered to you, you can try talking with the delivery company in order to find out the necessary measurements.

Once you have these measurements, you can safely continue and get yourself your new shipping container lock.


Combination Lock vs Key Lock

A key padlock is almost always going to offer better security compared to a combination lock.

In addition to that, the longer the key—meaning the more pins it has—the harder it will be for somebody to pick the lock.


Anti-Drill Plates

Look for hardened anti-drill plates. These will provide vital protection against people that may try to drill into the lock in order to open it.


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