Top 9 Smart Lock Brands in 2024 (A Comprehensive Rundown)

There are a lot of smart lock brands out there, and for new customers, it can be confusing as to which ones are the best.

The top smart lock brands are:

  • August
  • Schlage
  • Yale
  • Kwikset
  • Pin Genie
  • Lockly
  • U-tec
  • Samsung
  • Turbolock

There are plenty of reasons why these brands stand out among the rest, so let’s dive into it.

Best Smart Lock Brands


August Smart locks are really special. Each brand tends to specialize with one specific type of lock, and August is no different.

Variety of features

August only has 2 different smart locks that it has on the market if you don’t count colors. These two locks types are really similar, one being more expensive with a few additional features.

The interesting thing about August is that they focus on making locks that integrate with your current system instead of replacing your lock entirely.

For some people, that may seem like these locks simply are not doing what smart locks do.

For example, you might be upset that this smart lock has no keycode functionality. I totally understand that for some people this might be a dealbreaker but I really think these locks have a lot to offer.

Smart locks come in so many different shapes and sizes. They come in different sizes to fit different needs and use categories.

For a lot of people, they want to keep their current key set because there are a lot of people that would need new keys if you were to change the lock, and that might be too much work. August smart locks are installed on top of the current system and therefore you can keep your current keys.

With the problem of being installed only on the inside, you lose a few possible features like keypads and fingerprint scanners, but for some, that is not what they wanted a smart lock for in the first place.



My biggest issue with a lot of smart locks in terms of look is that they make your door look ugly on the outside.

With the added features of large keypads on top of a normal keyhole deadbolt, you run the risk of your front door looking like a control panel rather than a really simple and secure entryway.

With August, the lock only has a presence on the inside of the door rather than the outside. That means that your door will retain its current look as well as have the added functionality of a smart lock.



August has only two smart locks on the market right now, so we can look at each one individually.


August Smart Lock 3rd Generation – $100

This is one of my favorite smart locks to recommend to people because it is such an easy way to dip your feet in. At the low price of $100 dollars, it is not scary to purchase this smart lock.

You can invest the $100 dollars in order to see if smart locks are for you and if so you can very easily upgrade to a more expensive model. This lock will connect to your phone as well as to other devices as long as you have the proper equipment.

The really big issue with this lock is that it is really ugly. it looks like a big grey blob on the back of your door. While most of the people that come over will not see it until they leave, it is still one of the ugliest smart locks out there and is made with cheap materials.

The places where they cut costs are the unimportant outer shell, so don’t worry about people breaking in because you went with the cheaper smart lock.


August Smart Lock Pro – $200

The August Smart Lock Pro is $100 dollars more than its less attractive sibling, but man is it better looking.

There is something really appealing about how this lock functions. The entire mechanism is hidden inside a flat cylinder that is rotated to lock and unlock the door. It looks really great sitting there and makes your door look futuristic yet functional. The Pro version of the August Smart Lock looks and feels great.

In terms of features, you really don’t get much more. If you are looking for a smart lock that is installed on the inside of your door that looks great and works every time, this is the lock for you. It will cost a pretty penny, but it can be worth it depending on what you are looking for.


August Smart Lock connect – $40

This is not a smart lock, but it is a really awesome accessory that goes with the locks. What the August Smart Connect+ does is connect your lock to Wifi through Z-wave. The connect does all the heavy lifting in terms of electricity so that the August Smart lock battery can last up to a year instead of a month if it had onboard WIFI.


Ease of Use

August is known for their locks being the easiest to use on their own. They have really simple but powerful capabilities that are all accessible through their app.



Schlage has been in the lock making game for a really long time, so it should be no surprise that their smart locks are top-notch as well.


Variety of Features

Schlage has a lot of different locks, so you would be hard-pressed to find a lock that doesn’t fit your situation. These locks come in many different styles and shapes, each one serving a different purpose or aesthetic.

Most Schlage locks are a complete replacement of your current set up, meaning you will be getting new house keys. On the other side of that coin, however, you will be excited to finally have the ability to use a code to enter your home instead of a common key or whipping out your phone.

There are a lot of options here, so take your pick as to which one you want.



Unlike August, Schlage went for more of a shotgun approach to look. Each of their locks has up to 10 different colors in order to fit as many different aesthetic needs as they can. Whether your home is a modern, rustic, western, or even space-age home, Schlage has a lock that will look good with it.

Even the colors of the keypad have plenty of options, so don’t worry if it is going to look good.

The inside of these locks is no different from the outside in terms of selection. Great looking locks for sure.



There is a multitude of Schlage smart locks out there, and the range usually falls between $$$ and $$$. In order to find specific prices, I recommend going to this page on Amazon.


Ease of Use

Schlage has its own app that everything is done through, and it is done fairly well. Schlage integrates with plenty of devices so setup is a breeze.



Yale smart locks are another specialty type lock, but they are one of my favorite.


Variety of Features

There are several different Yale locks on the market, and each of them has a few different features, but Yale does one thing really well on their locks. Yale locks are extremely low profile.

If you are interested in getting rid of your manual key entirely, I recommend this lock wholeheartedly. It works great with Apple Homekit, and they just work great.



I love the look of Yale touchpads. They are really sleek and futuristic looking without being too flashy. Isn’t that what you are looking for in anything in the Smart Home realm?



Yale locks have some of the most price variations out there. Their locks seem to have no rhyme or reason to cost. Some locks that are basically the same have $80 dollars in price difference! This is good and bad.

Bad because sometimes a different color is going to cost more, but good because you might pay a lot less than you were expecting because you found the same lock for cheaper in a different color.


Ease of Use

Simplicity is often key when it comes to smart homes. Some products over complicate things, but yale keeps it simple by making locking and unlocking a breeze. To open your door, type in your code. To lock your door, just touch the touchpad anywhere! Pretty simple.

I am a huge fan of locks that keep it really simple. Too often we are faced with locks that require you to get out your phone to lock your door or have a keyhole as well as a keycode that grants you access. Yale locks are awesome because they simplify things.

Yale does have a backup plan in the case of your lock dying, so don’t worry too much about getting locked out!


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What smart lock brands work best for apartments? Since many apartment buildings don’t want their locks replaced, August Smart Locks are best because they are installed inside the door on top of the current system. Access can be granted to different people through the app in case of an emergency as well.

What is the cheapest smart lock brand? The cheapest smart lock brand is Schlage since many of their locks are lower than 200 dollars, however, the cheapest smart lock that has all the normal features is the August Smart Lock 3rd Generation.

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