What Smart Locks Work with Simplisafe

Simplisafe is a great home security system, and after some research, I have discovered what smart locks work with their equipment.

Simplisafe recommends purchasing an August brand smart lock in order to have full compatibility. In order to have a smart lock connected to a Simplisafe system, the homeowner must have an interactive monitoring plan that costs 24.99 a month.

Let’s dive into how I got this information and why August locks are compatible while others aren’t.

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What Smart Locks Work with Simplisafe


What Simplisafe Says to Get

On Simplisafe’s website, they state pretty blatantly that they recommend August locks, but I wanted to know if they could make any other locks work.

I couldn’t find anything on their website about the option of adding different brand locks to their plan, so I decided to contact their customer support to see if they could get me any options.

I sent a request stating that I was planning on installing a Simplisafe system later this year, but I wanted to buy a lock now. I also said that I wanted it to be compatible with my system. I gave a few examples of locks that I was interested in, and August was one of them.

Here is the response that I got:


Thanks for your interest in Simplisafe. I see you’d like to learn more about Locks that can be integrated with our system. Sure, I’ll be more than happy to provide more information for you!

At this time only Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest thermostats, and August Locks can be integrated with our systems as long as you have our Interactive Monitoring plan for $24.99 / month! I see August Locks were one of the lock companies you are interested in! Seems like a perfect fit for what you are looking for.

I have to say, I was pretty bummed to find out they don’t support any other locks than August locks, but I totally understand why.

August locks are pretty phenomenal. They are reliable, affordable, and the August Pro looks really great on almost every single door. August has been one of the leading smart lock brands out there because of their really strict attention to detail.

Getting an August Smart Lock is not by any means the worst thing that could happen. I just wish that Simplisafe would broaden their horizons a bit. You would think that if they wanted to reach a wider customer base they would open up compatibility to at least one or two more brands of smart locks.

On the plus side, you know that if you get an August lock there is going to be really great integration. one of the biggest risks when buying a smart lock for a security system is finding out that for some reason they are not compatible. Many places like Vivint smart home have a pretty open policy when it comes to smart locks, but sometimes they simply don’t connect to their system.

What Simplisafe is trying to do here is make sure that their system works flawlessly. When it comes to security, you can bet that a company that is judged harshly on how safe your house is will be very careful. Especially with a name like “Simplisafe”. August is a really great company because they try to make their devices as compatible as possible.

I imagine that August would build some sort of integration into just about any system, and if not they work pretty well on their own without any connection to a smart device like Amazon Alexa. (Best Smart Lock that Works with Alexa)


August Locks Recommended With Simplisafe

Something that you need to understand about August locks is that they are installed on the inside of your door as opposed to many locks that replace your lock entirely. Smart locks that replace your door entirely have a presence on the outside of your door, which means that they have features like keypads, fingerprint readers, and so on.

These locks are pretty awesome, but unfortunately August does not make any locks that fully replace your current lock system. Instead, they focus on locks that can be installed on top of your current deadbolt system, allowing you to retain your current keys.

Installing an August Smart Lock is actually really easy. People always say how easy they are to install. The kicker though is that if you order the August Smart Lock Pro from Amazon they will install it for free, which normally costs you around 100 bucks.

How cool is that? Anyway, let’s jump into the actual locks.

August Smart Lock 3rd Gen

August Smart Lock 3rd Gen


This is the simplest smart lock you can get. It does what most people want and need a smart lock to do. Let’s talk about what it can do before we talk about what it cannot do.

The August Smart Lock 3rd Generation is a handy little lock, in that it just works. I will open and close when you get home and leave, it can be opened remotely if you have the proper equipment, and even temporary keys can be administered to family, friends, or anybody else that needs access to your home.


Honestly, I actually hate the look of the basic August smart lock. It is bulky, grey, and simply an eyesore. I wonder if the look of this smart lock is just the way that they get people to buy their much more expensive yet much more attractive model.

One day I hope to give them an earful for how silly their locks look, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers right?


Even though you are limited to only smart locks, the August 3rd Generation smart lock is actually the cheapest smart lock overall. Coming in at less than a hundred dollars on Amazon, the August smart lock is a really awesome buy that you will be happy with.

After looking at the price of these guys, I bet you can understand why they look so cheap. They look cheap because they are cheap, no questions asked. If you are looking to get into smart locks on a budget, I cannot even begin to recommend any other product besides the August 3rd Generation smart lock.


August Smart Lock Pro

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The August Smart Lock Pro is really similar to the simpler standard model. That being said, this lock is so much more attractive. It will do everything that you want your lock to do, and look great doing it.


The August Smart lock pro comes equipped with LED lights that indicate if it is locking or unlocking, and the entire lock is contained in a simple cylinder that is rotated to lock your door.

If you have ever used a Nest thermostat,  you know how satisfying spinning something like this can be. Instead of simply locking your deadbolt, it feels like you are turning a futuristic dial in order to secure your spaceship.

Okay, maybe not that awesome. But it still feels great. I really can’t express enough how much I love the look of this lock. Your door is the first thing that people see when they enter or exit your home, so I really hate to have a cheap-looking smart lock mounted on my door. It is best to invest in something that looks and feels premium.


This lock is a little pricey, but you can get the August Connect (which we will talk about next) along with this. A lot of smart locks cost this much, so you shouldn’t be surprised at this price tag. Especially for something that is going to work with your security system.


August Connect

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The August Connect is a really important part of the August Ecosystem.

Many people get really confused at all of the ways that smart locks connect to their phones and security systems, and I don’t blame them. Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and Wifi are the three ways that locks can connect, but some locks are limited to only one or two of these.

August locks are limited to Z-Wave and Bluetooth, meaning that by themselves they cannot connect to WIFI. Although that may sound like a bad thing, it is not. Smart locks that connect to WIFI have a nasty habit of needing battery replacements every 30 days, while Z-Wave and Bluetooth Smart locks last around a year.

The August Connect gives you the best of all three by connecting to your wall outlet and syncing to your August Lock wirelessly via Z-wave. Well worth the extra dollars.

If you intend on connecting your lock to your Simplisafe hub, you are going to need one of these handy dandy little tools, so you might as well get the combo pack.

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