Top 2 Smart Locks That Work With Vivint (Ensuring Reliable Security)

If you have a Vivint system, you probably want to use it to its full potential with a smart lock. It would be a shame to get a lock only to discover that it is not compatible with your other equipment!

Most smart locks that have Z-Wave enabled will work with Vivint. For optimal compatibility with Vivint, choose either the Yale Z-Wave Touchscreen locks or the Kwikset Signature and SmartCode locks with Z-Wave.

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Smart Locks That Work With Vivint

There is a fair amount to understand about Vivint smart home and smart locks, and I hope to give you exactly what you want. Read on to learn more about what works and what doesn’t in terms of smart locks for Vivint.

List of Smart Locks That Work With Vivint

Yale Z-Wave Touchscreen Lock

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Keypad

Yale makes some really great locks, and these are no different. The best part about smart locks is that they grant better access to your home, and Yale does a great job of that with their touchscreen locks.

Many people worry about the transition to a smart lock because they are so used to their old analog key system, but with a touchscreen keypad, all you need is a custom pin.

I know plenty of people that have a keypad on their door that swears they will never go back. They say that they never carry their key with them ever because it is just easier to type in a code really fast.

Yale Smart locks are great, but in order for them to be compatible with Vivint smart home, you make sure that the Yale lock you buy has Z-Wave functionality.

The great part about Vivint is that they are willing to work with what you have, and therefore you can call and ask.


Kwikset Signature and SmartCode Locks with Z-Wave Connect

Kwikset SmartCode Smart Lock

Kwikset is a well-known lock company and has been a market leader in locks since before smart locks were even a thought. Their stuff is generally really reliable and safe, and their smart locks are no different.

The Kwikset signature is really simple in that there really isn’t too much about it that stands out.

It is just a solid lock that works well. On the outside, it is just a standard keyhole deadbolt but on the inside, it has all the capabilities of any other smart lock. For this reason, many people choose this lock.

I personally am all about function and couldn’t care less about form, but many people really want a lock that looks sleek and doesn’t make their door look any different than any other. I totally understand this mentality since the door is the first thing you see, but I guess I hold more value in the functionality and quality of life that a pin smart lock provides.

All of that being said, Kwikset does have the SmartCode lock that has analog buttons on the outside for pins and such. There are even versions of this lock for doors without a deadbolt, such as a side door or garage door. I think that having this as an option is really important for people with a Vivint Smart home since privacy is obviously rather high on your priority list.

I had a neighbor for example that put one of these non-deadbolt type locks on her master bedroom door in order to keep her tenants from invading her space and snooping where they shouldn’t.

When you are looking at Kwikset locks, just make sure that the one you end up buying has the Z-wave features that you are looking for. Another name for Z-wave is “Home Connect” and any lock with that feature should work as well. These are pretty solid locks, and you will be happy with pretty much any of them.


What Vivint Has to Say

Wanting to be thorough, I contacted Vivint about what they recommend in terms of smart locks, and I learned a few things.

First off, Vivint will come and install their own smart locks with their smart home equipment.

The smart lock that Vivint has is designed to have seamless integration with your entire electronic environment. The idea is to have access to your front door through all of your devices including your computer, phone, smartwatch, and even a panel on the wall of your home. This environment is one of the easiest ways to fully retrofit your home into a smart home.

They come and install it all for you, and this means you get all the bells and whistles. They give you security cameras, a smart doorbell camera, Smart locks, a smart thermostat, and plenty more if you are willing to pay for it.

There is a reason that Vivint is one of the most successful names out there in regards to Smart homes. They get you set up with a full-blown security system and smart devices that are guaranteed to work. That integration is something that many people in the DIY camp look at with extreme envy. Although the hardware is really easily handled by almost anybody with a small amount of technical knowledge, getting all the devices to communicate properly with one another can be a really big hassle.

Really, their smart locks work great. They will actually use Kwikset locks sometimes. They will work fantastic and you won’t have to worry about it.

Although we all hope to get our smart devices working quickly and easily, it can be really difficult, and many people find it easier to pay a company like Vivint to do it all for them.

I do not condemn these people. If you have the funding, having somebody else do it for you is really preferable to figuring it out on your own. Unless you are like me and love to work through these types of problems, most people want this all to be extremely easy.

So back to the original topic, what does Vivint recommend?

I spent some time on the phone and in a chat with the “Experts” that Vivint claims will answer any question. After jumping through some hoops, I finally got them to answer my question of “What smart locks do you recommend” with this:

“We do not have a specific recommended lock. Typically we can attempt to use any lock with z-wave capabilities”

So there it is. Vivint will do its best to work with what you have as long as it has Z-wave compatibility. Since most mid-tier smart locks have some sort of Z-Wave ability, that means that most locks will end up working great.

I find this really convenient and awesome seeing that installing smart devices can be a real pain.

The best thing you could do is buy some of the cheaper but effective smart locks out there, and then invite a Vivint salesman over to your home. The more products that you already have, the better deal you might be able to swing with the salesman.

Give them a really tough time, and make sure that you are getting the best deal out there.

Although Vivint is awesome, it is not unheard of for a salesman to take advantage of you by not giving you the best deal. Do some research about what services you want from them and make sure to get it. With Vivint sales, you have the ability to negotiate, and if you use that to your full advantage, then you have nothing to be afraid of.

Vivint has some really expensive equipment, but if you are wanting the fastest and most effective way to turn your home into a smart home with minimal effort on your part, they really are the way to go.

A lot of people bash on them, but Vivint has some really great products, so don’t be afraid of them just because they are on the pricey side of things.


If You Already Have a Vivint System

If you are the type of person that already has a Vivint system, and are looking to upgrade, don’t worry.

Vivint customer service is pretty good, just make sure that you contact them to make sure that your current system has the ability to connect to a smart lock. Some of their services are not going to be smart home enabled, and since every system and situation is different, make sure that what you are doing makes sense to use with your system.

Why knows, maybe they will give you the offer to install a smart lock for you without adding any costs of installation or anything. If you can get them to do all of that for you, it really is a win. You know that if a professional is the one installing things that you will not mess it up somehow. If it is a professional, you know it is going to get done correctly.


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