Does August Smart Lock Work With Nest?

Technology has advanced to the point that we are now able to communicate with it. Not only to give it commands but to truly cooperate with it and ultimately form relationships that result in a more intuitive environment.

But has it evolved enough to communicate with itself? Can machines created by different manufacturers with different makeups overcome the barriers between them enough to send messages back and forth?

As it turns out, they can.

August Smart Locks can work in tandem with Nest products. Through the August mobile app, users can control both their August devices as well as any Nest products such as thermostats, cameras, and locks.

The ability to pair these devices opens up a lot of possibilities for ensuring that your home is as secure as it can be in the modern world. To learn about those possibilities and how to maximize your household’s security, continue reading this article.

Nest Cameras

Integrating your August products with Nest is as easy as downloading the August mobile app. Once done, you have the power to sync the app with all your Nest home security devices.

In order to integrate your Nest cameras with the August app, you’ll need to subscribe to Nest Aware.

Nest Aware is a supplemental plan to your Nest cameras that allows you to access a feed of continuous video 24/7. That’s continuous video feed, not just interspersed clips that can cause you to miss essential moments.

With their most basic plan, you pay only $5 a month or $50 a year to receive constant access to your camera’s feed, five-day video history, intelligent alerts, clips and timelapses, as well as activity zones.

For $10 a month or $100 a year, your plan will be upgraded to a 10-day video history, and for $30 a month or $300 a year, you get 30-day video history.

The benefits of these subscriptions are enough to make the payments worth it, but the subscription also allows you to view the Nest camera feed from your August app. You will need to purchase a subscription for each individual Nest camera for it to be integrated with your August devices.

This syncing ability includes Nest’s Hello Video Doorbell, which provides constant HD footage from your front door so you can keep track of visitors and packages.

If you opted to include the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge with your August Smart Lock device, you can even view this footage from remote locations far from your home so you can keep an eye on things anytime, anywhere.


Nest Thermostats

Does August Smart Lock Work With Nest

By integrating your Nest thermostat with your August app, you can easily control the temperature of your home.

Without even touching the thermostat, you can program your home to begin cooling or heating as soon as you return.

While you’re gone, check the temperature any time you want and make sure that you aren’t paying unnecessarily high power bills to heat or cool your home when no one is there.

To easily begin utilizing this function, open your August app and activate home status. Set it to your desired temperature.

The next time you leave, activate away status and enter a temperature that you want your home to maintain while you’re away.

When you return home, your August Smart Lock will sense the presence of your mobile device and begin heating or cooling to reach your home status temperature, as well as unlocking the door for you.

With the combination of Nest and August, making your home a smart home is a great way to ensure security and save money.


How Nest Can Complete Your Home Security

If you already have August products, you’ve built a strong foundation for your home’s security.

Nest can help you complete your line of defense when it comes to protecting your home, your belongings, and your family. Their products, even those not compatible with the August app, complement August devices and cover any weak spots you still feel need coverage.

August’s smart locks and doorbell camera give you a whole new level of control over your home, but if you really want to see everything that happens inside and outside your house or apartment, Nest has the cameras to supplement and upgrade that control.

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Nest Cam IQ is Nest’s innovative camera system that allows you to have eyes everywhere you want them.

Install them yourself by following along with the installation video provided by Nest or hire a Nest Pro to help you set up a camera anywhere you need one.

To ensure that your camera can withstand the outside elements, Nest offers a Weatherproof Power Adapter to protect your Nest Cam IQ outdoor.

Once installed, simply download the app and you can get access to 1080p HD video of your home. Nest calls their Cam IQ’s 4k sensor technology “Supersight,” and it’s not for nothing.

Supersight means that details won’t get washed out even on an extra bright day. It also means that images stay sharp even with 12x digital zoom and enhance.

Even at night, Nest’s Cam IQ outdoor can detect a person up to 50 feet away and send you alert along with a photo of the person it has detected.

You can even set up familiar face alerts to get notified when someone you know comes to the door or gets within 50 feet of your home.

If you’ve missed something you think is important, you can look back through key snapshots of the last three hours of activity captured by your Nest Cam IQ outdoor cameras.

Their ultra strong WiFi connection and multi-axis 360-degree rotation means you’ll never miss a thing, and with the high-powered, built-in microphone, you’ll experience crystal-clear sound quality with echo and noise suppression.

Once recorded, the video captured by your Nest Cam IQ outdoor is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, protected by a two-step verification process.

Paired with a Nest Aware subscription, this device is virtually all-seeing and all-knowing. That’s a level of security you can’t beat.

And with Nest Cam IQ indoor, you can extend that sight to the inside of your home as well as the outside.

Keeping an eye on kids, babysitters, house guests and pets has never been easier.

Nest Cam IQ indoor has many of the revolutionary features of the outdoor camera, including but not limited to Supersight, activity alerts, close-up tracking view, and crystal-clear night vision.

The indoor model comes with a few extra features as well. A powerful built-in microphone can emit loud noises to ward off intruders. It’s even smart enough to tell a person from a thing.

And since they’ve partnered with Google to create the best home security devices, you can use your Nest Cam IQ not only to see the activity happening in your home while you’re not there, but to keep things running smoothly while you are there.

With built-in Google Assistant, you can ask your Nest Cam IQ to adjust the temperature, order new items on Amazon, tell you the weather, and more.

But Nest doesn’t just do cameras and thermostats. One of the most important devices in your home is your smoke detector, and with Nest, it can be smarter too.

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The Nest Protect can perform all the same functions as your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but with increased awareness.

Designers of the Nest Protect included a Split-Spectrum sensor, which can test it itself automatically and last up to ten years. Instead of initiating an annoying beep to alert you that it’s low on batteries, you can just turn the lights down and check the glowing ring in the center.

If it’s green, your Nest Protect has sufficient battery life.

For those late night snack runs, Protect uses a feature called Pathway to detect when someone is passing underneath it and light their way through the darkness. It’s like a smart night light.

Before alerting the family with a loud, disruptive siren, Nest Protect speaks to residents to warn them what it’s detecting and where. This alert will sound from all Nest Protects in your home, regardless of location, and an alert will also be sent to your phone.

When the alarm does go off, you can silence it quickly and easily with your phone.

And don’t worry about alarms going off while you’re taking a hot shower. Nest Protect has algorithms to tell steam from smoke so you can steam it up without worry.

These are some of my favorite Nest products, but there are many more that can help in keeping your home safe and comfortable. Check out their website to browse the rest of their products and find devices that work with and complement your August security devices.


Related Questions

Can I Disconnect August Smart Lock From Nest? Yes. Disconnecting from Nest is as simple as navigating to the side menu in your August app, selecting the Nest item, and tapping “Disconnect.” Confirm this command, and you’re good to go.

Is August Compatible with Google Home? Yes. The August Smart Lock Pro and any integrated device that has built-in Google Assist works with Google Home.

How Do I Connect August Lock with Google Home? Open your Google Assistant app, select the blue drawer icon in the upper right corner, go to the “Settings” menu and choose Home Control. From there, tap the plus icon in the bottom right corner and select August Home.


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