How To Burglar-Proof Aluminum Windows (Easy Ways)

Even though aluminum windows are stronger than other types, we still need to take extra precautions in order to make sure our families stay safe and the contents of our house are well guarded.

The best way to secure aluminum windows is by installing stronger locks. There are also security bars that you can use to block sliding aluminum windows from opening. Privacy films can also help to make sure thieves don’t get an eye full of what they can steal from you.

How To Burglar-Proof Aluminum Windows

Without further ado, let’s go through the recommended ways in which you can burglar-proof your aluminum windows.

Burglar Bars

This is the top on the list for a reason. Burglar bars are a criminal’s worst nightmare compared to other techniques of securing your windows.

Having the burglar bars bolted or molded into the cement on the inside of the wall will assure that burglars won’t be getting in without some serious hardware.

I’m sure there’s a manufacturer near you with a wide range of different options to suit your needs. They’ll probably offer to go to your house and install them for you as well.

It might cost you a bit more but in the end, but you’ll know it’s done properly for the right type of window that you have whether it’s a sliding window or a swinging window.

There are many different designs to choose from to match your style, so have a look at all the options before making a choice.


Replace Old Locks With Stronger Keyed Locks

Replace Old Locks With Stronger Keyed Locks

Making sure the locks on your windows can handle a good pulling or pushing force is very important as weak locks can easily be broken or just bent and the thieves have access to all the contents of the house.

For bigger windows, I’d suggest installing two locks, one on either side of the window for that extra security and tight seal.

Make sure to line up the two halves of the lock perfectly before fixing it to the frame. If the old lock holes line up perfectly it’s a bonus and you just go ahead and install the lock in the same place.

When installing the lock all you will need is a drill for drilling pilot holes, a screwdriver, and a black marker to mark off holes if the old ones don’t match up.

Here is an example of the type of lock I’m talking about. They come in two different colors white and brass.


Use Security Bars

Security Bar

Security bars can be placed into the window frame to lock the window into place. This bar adjusts in length from 27.5-inches to 42-inches for differently sized windows. Of course, these will only work to secure sliding windows.


Apply Security Film To The Windows

Security Film To The Windows

When it comes to window film that will secure your windows from burglars, there’s really only one option, one-way window mirror tint.

The way in which these films burglar-proof your windows is by blocking off the view so that thieves can’t look inside to see what they can steal.

It also prevents burglars from knowing what to expect on the inside. They wouldn’t know if someone was looking at them at that very moment so they might rather avoid the risk altogether.

If the window is broken in any event, it will also make the situation safer as there won’t be shattered glass everywhere. The film will hold it together.

These films are very easy to apply to your windows. You can either buy them pre-cut in sheets or you can buy a roll and do the cutting yourself.

To apply them, you need to make sure that the window is thoroughly washed and has no small specs of fiber or dust on it as this might cause the film to lift slowly over time and make weak spots in the glass. Then spray a light layer of water on the window, peel the plastic off the back of the adhesive side of the film and stick it.

Then after sticking you want to use something to push out all the bubbles and water in order for the film to stick as flat as possible, I used a credit card to do this and it worked perfectly to push out all the bubbles and every bit of excess water.


Get Stronger Glass

If you install double-glazed windows or tempered glass, it will take intruders longer to smash their way inside. These types of windows are very thick and very strong although not unbreakable.

Having this type of glass installed in your window frames will also give you added protection during stormy weather.


Setup A Smart Window Alarm

Wasserstein Smart Window Alarm

This window alarm works by sensing any vibrations moving through the window. You’ll be notified via an application (Wstein app) on your smartphone of any tampering with your window.

It will also sound off an alarm at 130db which is quite loud and will definitely draw unwanted attention to the burglar.

It is very simple to install this device, all you need to do is make sure the surface that you want to stick it to is very clean and must be dry before you stick it. After doing this and making sure the surface is dry simply peel off the sticker on the back of the device and place it on the area that you cleaned.

Then you connect the device to your wi-fi open the app that you have installed from the google play store.


Use A Magnetic Sensor Window Alarm

Use A Magnetic Sensor Window Alarm

The WSD Cam window alarm sounds off a loud 110dB alarm if the window is opened or broken. This will alert you if you’re at home and even if you’re not, it will probably scare the intruder away.

You just peel and stick this alarm system to your window and window frame. No tools required.

It’s a very nice compact design that doesn’t get in the way.


Use A Smart Camera To Monitor The Window

Having a smart camera facing your windows is a good way of making sure nobody gets in without you knowing about it.

A smart camera will pick up the motion of the burglar and alert you on your smartphone where you can then view what’s going on in real-time.

If someone is breaking in and you’re at home, you’ll have a chance to react before they even realize you’re there. If you’re not at home you can contact the police and report the crime in progress.

Placing a camera on the outside of the window can also be a big deterrent for the criminals as they don’t want video evidence against them in court.


Motion Sensor Light Above The Windows

Much like the previous technique, this isn’t a physical barrier but it will work to chase off many thieves.

If you install motion sensor lights above your aluminum windows, burglars will be shocked when they are caught in the spotlight while they’re trying to sneak through your window.

Make sure to install these lights far above the window so that they can’t be tampered with. You’ll have to use a step ladder to get it up high enough.


Conclusion: How To Burglar-Proof Aluminum Windows

The windows are one of the burglar’s most frequent points of access to houses. It’s important that you block them off with a physical barrier of protection.

So by burglar-proofing your aluminum windows by adding burglar bars and stronger locks, you will stop most intruders in their tracks.

Privacy film also helps a lot as burglars won’t know what situation they’re getting themselves into once they get past the window. They also won’t know if there’s anything inside worth stealing.

The vibration sensing alarms are also extremely helpful as they alert you as soon as they detect foul play and also sound off an alarm to chase the thief away.

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