Top 7 ADT Alternatives in 2024 (You Should Know Of)

ADT happens to be one of the oldest home security providers, founded more than 140 years ago. However, this does not mean they are the only ones, and although a lot of people use them, many would prefer to do a little browsing and see what alternatives they have.

And the best ADT alternative will depend on your personal needs and requirements. This is a highly competitive market, and each company tries to do its best in order to please its customers.

So what are the best ADT alternatives? The top alternatives to ADT are SimpliSafe, Frontpoint, Ring, and Vivint. SimpliSafe, Vivint, and Frontpoint are also great alternatives to ADT for business owners. Vivint is the best alternative to ADT as it offers proprietary security equipment, professional monitoring, and device automation at good prices.

ADT Alternatives

Choosing the best security system can be difficult to do—especially if there is no information about each one. So let’s take a more in-depth look at what differentiates the most commonly used and popular security systems from ADT.



Vivint is the best alternative to ADT.

Vivint is known for its excellent versatility when it comes to monitoring plans, pricing, and products. Vivint is a good alternative because it offers excellent integration, high-quality devices, and you may not necessarily have to sign a contract.

Vivint offers a good variety of different security sensors and gadgets, indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks, garage controllers, thermostats, and so much more. The system is wireless, so it doesn’t require a landline.

Vivint offers three different professionally monitored security plans.

If you choose to pay upfront for your security system, Vivint will not require you to sign any contracts. However, if you choose to finance your security system and spread the payments over a certain period of time, you will have to sign a contract.

Unfortunately, Vivint systems also have to be professionally installed, and the installation fees can be fairly steep. This also means that moving to a new location can be a little more complicated.

Overall, Vivint can end up being on the more expensive end compared to the other ADT alternatives.



SimpliSafe is an excellent alternative to ADT.

SimpliSafe offers a good versatility of monitoring plans and security devices. Compared to standard ADT, SimpliSafe does not require signing long-term contracts and is completely DIY. The prices of its security devices and sensors and the monitoring fees are very affordable.

Since SimpliSafe security systems are 100% DIY, you can install them by yourself. However, if you do not consider yourself particularly handy, SimpliSafe does offer professional installation for a small fee.

SimpliSafe has a good variety of sensors, cameras, and other security devices.

The only downside is that there are no dedicated outdoor cameras. If you want one, you need to purchase an indoor camera with an outdoor kit.

SimpliSafe can be used with or without a monitoring plan depending on your personal needs. However, not paying for a monitoring plan will seriously limit the system’s capabilities. On top of that, opting for a monitoring plan will typically result in some neat equipment discounts.

The monitoring plans are fairly cheap compared to what other companies, like ADT, offer. On top of that, you don’t necessarily need to purchase a lot of equipment. You can choose to go with just a single camera and still have it professionally monitored.

SimpliSafe packages are generally between $100 and $500, though you can always build your own security system.



Frontpoint is a good alternative to ADT because it offers 100% wireless systems, a good variety of security devices, no hidden fees, and good customer service.

The fact that Frontpoint systems are completely DIY also makes them a better alternative to ADT. Frontpoint monitoring plans, though, are a little pricier.

Frontpoint is definitely one of the better alternatives to ADT as it can offer capabilities and features that many homeowners and renters will appreciate.

To begin with, Frontpoint security systems are designed to be DIY. This means that you will not have to worry about paying installation fees as you will be able to carry out the installation process all by yourself.

There is also another thing that is worth knowing. If you are to move to a new place, all you have to do is call Frontpoint to let them know you will be changing homes so that they can update the information in your account.

There are no hidden fees when moving to a new place—Frontpoint will even send you a brand new set of adhesive strips that you can use.

Frontpoint offers different security sensors, cameras, smart locks, keypads, and more.

Frontpoint does not require any contracts to be signed. The company offers two monitoring plans, though the basic plan can be a little limited.

Generally, Frontpoint security systems tend to be on the cheaper end, with the standard packages costing between $100 to $600. There is also a build your own security system option available.

The company offers ways to fully finance your system without putting any money down.



You may have heard of Ring because of their smart doorbells that are quite popular among homeowners. However, Ring has been slowly expanding over the years, and now they are also offering entire home security systems that can be great for homeowners and renters that move more frequently.

The prebuilt Ring security kits cost between $200 and $780 depending on which one you choose. Those kits are fairly basic, but you can always expand their security capabilities as you can choose from a huge number of different security gadgets. And this is one of the stronger points of Ring security systems. You will find a number of different smart devices and gadgets that you can use.

Ring security systems are 100% DIY and easy to install. Although Ring offers products of similar quality to ADT, you will not have to sign long-term contracts.

Ring systems also come with two different monitoring plans, or alternatively, you can choose not to pay for any monitoring. The more expensive monitoring plan also offers 24/7 professional monitoring at a very modest monthly fee.


Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is a good alternative to ADT if you are looking for a security company that focuses more on outdoor cameras and a more proactive monitoring approach. The only downside to Deep Sentinel is that it has more limited equipment compared to ADT.

The interesting thing about Deep Sentinel is how their monitoring works.

Deep Sentinel security cameras are powered by an AI, which is used to differentiate between harmless and potentially dangerous activities. If the activity captured by the camera is potentially dangerous, a live guard is notified, and at this point, they will inspect the footage and take the appropriate action.

Using this method, Deep Sentinel aims to reduce the number of false alarms, but this may delay the response times in some instances. The cameras are built with a two-way microphone allowing the guards to directly speak to the intruder in real-time.

This approach is more proactive and personalized, which can also save you a lot of money by making sure the authorities are sent to your address only when necessary.

Overall, Deep Sentinel is on the more expensive end, with packages costing between $400 and $1,150. The subscription fees vary depending on the number of cameras you will need starting from $60 and going as high as $160.

Deep Sentinel offers a few different ways to pay for your security system or directly finance it, not paying anything upfront.


Protect America

If signing a contract is not a big problem for you, then Protect America may be another viable alternative.

The neat thing about Protect America is that the company can offer up to $1,400 worth of free equipment and devices, and all you have to pay for is the monthly subscription, which means that you can get your home secured for little to no upfront costs.

Protect America’s security systems are also DIY, so you will not have to worry about installation fees. There are three different types of monthly subscriptions.

The cheapest one starts at $19.99, and the most expensive one starts from $42.99. You can also choose from a few different types of connectivity, depending on your needs.

Protect America offers a good number of different sensors, motion detectors, cameras. The quality of the devices is good and very comparable to what ADT offers.



Abode is another really good alternative to ADT security systems.

Abode sets out to deliver highly versatile, all-encompassing home security systems that are easy to use and setup. Abode security systems are DIY and portable—something that renters and people who move more frequently will like.

Abode’s security systems, for what they offer, are priced very well. The prebuilt packages start from $350 and go a little over $500.

The neat thing is that you can go with no monitoring plan or choose one from the two plans offered by Abode that are among the cheapest on the market.


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