Does ADT Have a Medical Alert System? (Find Out Here)

Medical alert systems can give you peace of mind and are a must-have for any household.

Medical alert systems are very popular and sought after by the elderly and seniors. But with so many different home security companies, it can be difficult to find which ones have medical alert systems.

Does ADT have a medical alert system? ADT does have a medical alert system. ADT offers three different types of medical alert systems: The Medical Alert Basic System, the Medical Alert Plus System, and the On-The-Go Medical Alert System. ADT’s medical alert systems are monitored 24/7 by a professionally trained team and offer versatility and safety.

Does ADT Have a Medical Alert System

Having an excellent medical alert system monitored by a reputable company can literally be a lifesaver. There are a few caveats with those systems so let’s take a more in-depth look at what ADT offers.

What Medical Alert Systems Does ADT Have?

ADT offers a few different and highly customizable medical alert systems that you can use depending on your personal needs and requirements.

ModelMedical Alert Basic SystemMedical Alert Plus SystemOn-The-Go Medical Alert System
Suitable forIn-home useIn-home and yard useIn-home and outside use
Coverage300 feet from central hub600 feet from central hubWithin the AT&T’s US Wireless Coverage
ConnectionLandlineWirelessMobile with GPS
Fall detectionNoOptionalOptional
Two-way speakOnly through the central hubOnly through the central hubThrough central hub and wristwatch
Home temperature monitoringYesYesNo
Costs$29.99 a month$35.99 a month$39.99 a month

ADT’s Medical Alert Basic System

This is the basic entry model that ADT offers.

The system comes with a central base hub that offers up to 300 feet of signal coverage.

When we consider that the average residential household size in the U.S. is nearly 3,000 square feet and has, on average, almost 11,000 square feet of lawns, we can see that the basic Medical Alert System by ADT is suitable for inhouse use and smaller homes.

The Basic Medical Alert System by ADT comes with a waterproof medical wristband and pendant. On the medical wristband, you will find a big easy to access button that is easy to use.

By pressing on the button, you will be promptly connected to an ADT professional that will assess the situation and assist you in case of an emergency.

There is another easy to use help button found on top of the central hub. The central hub can also monitor the ambient temperature in the room.

In order to work, the system requires a standard landline.

This is the cheapest medical alert system offered by ADT, standing at $29.99 a month.


ADT’s Medical Alert Plus System

The Medical Alert Plus is the next system that ADT offers. It is the next step after the Basic model and offers more features and capabilities.

It is designed with higher signal coverage, so it is suitable for use both in your home and in your backyard. In other words, it gives you a lot more freedom to walk even outside your home without having to worry.

The Plus system offers up to a 600-foot coverage from the base hub.

Unlike the Basic model, this one does not require a landline to work as it uses a wireless connection.

The Plus system can be used with a standard or a fall detection pendant or wristband. The pendant, the wristband, and the central hub all have easy to see and use help buttons, which will connect you to a trained ADT professional.

The Medical Alert Plus System costs $35.99 a month.


ADT’s On-The-Go Medical Alert System

The On-The-Go Medical Alert System by ADT is their high-end system. It is definitely a step up from the Basic and Plus systems.

This system comes with a wristwatch that is not limited by your central hub’s location. While the other medical alert systems offered by ADT will have limited coverage, the On-The-Go system uses GPS to track you.

This means complete freedom to enjoy your daily life while at the same time allowing you to stay safe and protected in the case of an emergency.

The wristwatch is fully portable and allows for two-way talk.

The On-The-Go Medical Alert System is more expensive because it is using a GPS system and costs $39.99 a month.


Is an ADT Medical Alert System Worth It?

When considering a medical alert system for your home, it is important to understand how it works in order to assess whether it is going to meet your needs and keep you safe.

So are ADT medical alert systems worth it?

ADT medical alert systems are good and an investment worth doing. They are an excellent way for seniors and the elderly to continue living independently and, at the same time, remain safe.


Good Coverage

All of the ADT medical alert systems offer very good coverage. However, it is important to know that the coverage can vary depending on where the central hub is placed; walls, furniture, and other objects may reduce the signal coverage.

This is why it is possible to do a range test in order to see how far the system signal will work in your home.

On the other hand, the On-The-Go system uses GPS to monitor your location and is not affected by the central hub; nonetheless, it is possible to lose signal in certain areas.

And if there has been a power outage in your area, the batteries can last up to 30 hours. (If the batteries have been fully charged.)


Professional Monitoring

In the case of an accident, all you have to do is press the help button on your pendant, wristband, or central hub.

The system is monitored 24/7, so when you press the help button, you will be contacted by a trained ADT professional who is going to assess the situation and call the right authorities. This means that no time will be wasted and guarantees the fastest response times.

With the Basic and Plus medical alert systems, you will get a pendant or a wristband with a help button on it, but it does not have a microphone, which means that to speak with the ADT professional, you will need to be near the central hub.

If you are unable to speak to the operator, they will call again, and if you are still unable to speak, they will call the appropriate authorities immediately as they will consider this a potential emergency.

After the appropriate authorities have been notified and dispatched, they will arrive at the address associated with your ADT account, at the same time your personal contacts will be notified.

Even if you accidentally set off the alarm, there is no need for worry. After the ADT representative contacts you, all you need to do is tell them that it was a false alarm.


Different Remainders

ADT’s medical alert systems are designed to have different kinds of remainders that will automatically let you know if something needs to be done or something is wrong. For example, there are indicators that will let you know

  • if your pendant or wristband works properly.
  • if the battery power is low.
  • you need to do a system test.


Fall Detection

It is not a secret that many people who are 65 or older can fall and will be at worse odds than other younger people.

In fact, the data compiled by the CDC suggests that more than 1 in 4 older people will fall each year. And 1 out of every 5 falls causes a more severe injury.

Those are very bad odds, and anything you can do to minimize the risks and consequences will be well worth your while.

This is why the fall detection that is offered with some of the wrist bands and pendants is also worth looking into. Although a fall detection pendant or wristband can help you in the case of a fall, it is worth remembering that it may not always detect all falls.


Waterproofed Equipment

Let’s not forget that the vast majority of falls happen in the shower, and the elderly often suffer the worst injury rates according to the data suggested by the CDC.

The ADT bracelets and pendants are all waterproof so that they can keep you safe and protected even while you are showering.



And lastly, the medical alert systems by ADT can be used by more than one person.

This means that you will not have to purchase a new system for each person in your household, but you will have to get in contact with ADT in order to purchase additional pendants or wristwatches.

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