Best Smart Lock For Cold Weather 2023

If you live in a place that gets really cold, you better have a smart lock that will handle the cold weather.

The best smart locks for cold weather are:

  • August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
  • Kwikset SmartCode 888
  • Yale Security YRD110ZW619

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Each of these locks is awesome for cold weather for different reasons. Learn more by reading on.

Best Smart Lock For Cold Weather

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
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August is a really popular brand of smart locks. They are popular because they deliver a really great product with some features that a lot of people tend to skip over.

Why it’s good in the cold

The August smart lock is amazingly suited for the cold climate, but not for the reasons that a lot of people think.

Many of the locks on this list are on here because they feature a really rugged outside housing that will be easy to use in the cold, but August is not like most locks. August locks actually have no presence on the outside of your door.

Most smart locks have some sort of keypad or another electronic access system on the outside of the door, but August vouched for having a smart lock solution that is on the inside of your door only.

The great thing about this lock is that it never even encounters the cold weather, yet it gives you all the functionality that comes with having a smart lock.

Why this is a great choice

August is popular for a reason, and that reason is quality.

The products that come from August are the kind that simply works every time. A lot of cheaper smart locks have the issue of only working most of the time, but not this brand. I find that August products always make their way to my list simply because of the quality design and materials of the locks.

These smart locks are fantastic, and they deserve to be shown around.

Another point of greatness is their app. A lot of smart lock companies have apps that are cheap or just some sort of 3rd party software that manages them, but august is made with the software in mind. You could have a smart lock that has all the features that you want, but find out that it is unusable because of how poorly made the app is. August has done a really great job in making sure that their locks are well made and thoroughly planned.

The last thing that you should know about this lock is that it is really easy to install. You actually install it over the top of your current deadbolt system, meaning you can keep your current keys! How cool is that?

Cost analysis

Alright, I have told you that August locks are awesome, but are they worth the price tag?

The August Smart lock has all the features that you could really want in a smart lock as long as you don’t mind sacrificing the pin pad on the outside. It connects via Bluetooth, and is limited to nearby communication unless you also get their August Connect hub.

The August Pro, which is their higher end and much more attractive model costs about $200 dollars, which is not too bad for a lock.

Personally, if you are looking for a lock with the capabilities that match the August smart lock, then there is no other choice. If you are looking for a smart lock that has some sort of outside presence then keep reading.

Click here to look at the August Pro on Amazon.


Kwikset Smartcode 888

Kwikset Smartcode 888
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Kwikset has been in the deadbolt game for a really long time. They have been making locks for doors since before I was born, and that speaks volumes.

Why it’s good in the cold

A lot of smart locks use some sort of touchpad for their pin system, but Kwikset decided to use actual buttons, and that means a lot for people in the cold.

I live in a place with really cold weather, and there is nothing worse than having to take your gloves off to get out your keys or type in a pin when it is below 0 degrees.

Many of the touchpads out there actually sense the electromagnetic charge in your fingers to know where you are touching, but when you are wearing gloves those pins don’t work unless you have special gloves designed for using touch screens with gloves on.

Kwikset also did us all a favor in making their buttons really large and easy to press. Instead of having a 10 button matrix, this only has 5. It uses each button as 2 numbers, which is great. Some might say that this really limits the security, but in all honesty, it would still take a really long time to crack this code by brute force. These bigger and fewer numbers make punching in a code with gloves really easy.

Why this is a great choice

Kwikset locks are fantastic. They have been really great for a long time, and they are a major player in the smart lock market.

The specific reasons I like this lock are few but really important. After using this at my business office, I have my reasons for loving this lock. The first thing I love is how simple it is. The lock is really small compared to the technologically monstrous locks that you can find out there. Instead of looking like a computer sitting on your door, it is just a small extension on the normal look of a deadbolt.

The inside is no different. It is really small and inconspicuous, which is really important to me.

Cost analysis

This lock is surprisingly cheap for the quality you are getting. Check out the current pricing on Amazon. It is surely much cheaper than your normal lock. And for the massive amount of positive reviews that they have stacked up there, you know that you are getting a good lock. Kwikset is a solid brand, and this lock is a solid lock that lives up to the Kwikset name.

Best Smart Lock Canada 2023

Yale Security YRD110ZW619

Yale Security YRD110ZW619
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Yale is known for making smart locks are really low profile and cost-effective. This lock is no different. For a really affordable price, you are getting a really fantastic lock.

Why it’s good in the cold

Cold weather does affect the batteries. After a while, batteries explode and get damaged.

If you have a cabin that you want a smart lock for but you want to get rid of your standard house keys, then this is the lock for you.

Let me explain why.

Yale has a feature on all of their smart locks that is really impressive; they have a backup battery system. If you know that you are going to be leaving your smart lock for months of cold weather by itself, then your batteries are going to die, but with a lot of smart locks, you would have no way of getting access in the spring when you are looking to use your cabin/home again. With Yale, all you need to power your smart lock from the outside is a 12-volt battery. This will come in handy I promise.

This lock also features manual buttons, which I explained in the description of the previous lock why they are a good idea. Physical buttons will not fail you in the cold unless you expect there to be a lot of ice on the lock, in which case you shouldn’t have a smart lock at all. Although they are waterproof, pushing buttons on a lock that is covered in ice is really hard.

Why this is a great choice

Yale makes some really great looking locks, but this one is one of my personal favorites. It has all the features that you could want in a smart lock, and it looks great. Does it get much better than that?

Cost analysis

This is the biggest part of why I am recommending this smart lock. Want to talk about value? You can get this lock on Amazon for a meager amount! Click here to check the latest price.

That price is unheard of in the smart lock market. I doubt you will find a lock that is this high quality for that price. These things work well with most smart home accessories like Alexa and ring, which is impressive.

Try and find a better lock for this price, I dare you.


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Are smart locks weather resistant? Most smart locks are designed to withstand almost every weather condition, but they will break over time like any normal deadbolt. They are waterproof and will generally withstand almost any temperature naturally found on earth.

If a smart lock breaks, will it unlock? Smart locks are designed with security in mind, and therefore when they break they will do their best to notify the user and lock the door as a default.

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